What You Need To Know About Staring A Commercial Cleaning Business?

Initially, our blog will contain answers to some of the many questions I receive regularly from cleaning contractors and new start-up companies. Part of our customer service includes ongoing support to help you grow a successful cleaning business. Here are some answers that can help you in starting a commercial cleaning business.

Question: Do I need an office before I can start a cleaning business?

Answer: Generally, if you can get an office for free, then go ahead. Otherwise, you should try to start your business small, and from home to keep down the expenses. When you have an office at home, do not post signs out front that lead to excessive traffic or violate any city zoning laws. Keep your garage door closed if it contains cleaning products and equipment.

Lots of people work from home while keeping a low profile and being a good neighbor. Conduct job interviews at a local restaurant, or at the actual cleaning account in the evenings. Deliver paychecks to the job site, or mail them to each worker. And of course inspect your buildings and communicate with your crew regularly at the job site.

Once you are making about $100,000 a year in business, look for a warehouse/office complex where you can trade out rent for the cleaning of their offices. Allow your growth and new revenues to finance your company, as it expands. View more cleaning consulting advice at our Free Advice column:  https://nationalproclean.com/free-cleaning-advice/