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Get More Cleaning Contracts with our Janitorial Success Marketing Program 


Rapidly Expand Your Cleaning Business

Nationally acclaimed cleaning expert
Partner with a proven expert who can help you expand your business

“What if you could arrange over a dozen bids every week and close serveral contracts every month? I will show you how I do it.”  

Gary Clipperton


            Corporate contract that produced $80,000 a year income with a 35% net profit. 
                    For the first ten years the customer never accepted a competitive bid!


     Replaced Jani K___ in this account with a

     bid that was 15% higher ($4,800 a year more).



                          Replaced Service M_______ in this              

                          account with a bid that was $3400

                          a year higher!


Working just a few hours a week I have

been able to land 100 new contracts a year.


Our Janitorial Success Program with

exclusive telemarketing, direct mail and

      sales presentations can do the same for you.




             These 5 mistakes could

           be hindering your growth!





1.      Marketing program is not reaching prospects that 

       are dissatisfied with their current service.


2.      Proposals not matched to customer needs.


3.      Pricing not matched to customer’s budget.


4.      Labor estimates inaccurate.


5.      Bid Package and Presentation does not answer

       all of customer’s concerns or persuade them to

       switch to your service.

Our Janitorial Success Program
can radically turn things 
around for you.

Module #1  Marketing Plan – 30 page manual covering: preparation, prospecting, image, PR, direct mail, telemarketing, scripts, bidding psychology, sales training, cold calls and presentation strategies and tips.  Shows you in detail what to say when you approach a prospect and how to present your bid.  

You can land more contracts than

you ever thought possible. 

Discover insider tips from 

our Marketing Plan:

  • Seven tips on making a good first impression
  • The keys to eliciting a positive response from your prospects
  • The best ways to bond with your prospect
  • Direct mail approaches that produce results (25 tips)
  • Phone your way to success - learn how one part-time telemarketer set 25 bid appointments in one week (Janitorial Success includes 43 guidelines with proven phone scripts)
  • One powerful question that has landed hundreds of contracts
  • Eight power strategies to convert an impressive presentation into a signed contract
  • Twenty-five tips that will help you close the deal
  • Learn the ins and outs of bidding psychology
  • Ten steps to improve your closing average
  • Nine strategies that will help you overcome call reluctance
  • Follow-up program that convinces the hesitant prospect to go ahead and sign up


Module #2  Professional Bid Package and 

               presentation - contains 30 pages

                      of marketing brochures.

Impressive bid presentation that sets you apart in the mind of the prospect.  Your professional image will land you more contracts than you ever thought possible.

Our Marketing Flyers can help you Win More Contracts

Adopt this innovative sales approach

that will close more contracts.


  • Show your customer how you can help improve their indoor air quality, ensuring healthier workers
  • Display your aseptic cleaning procedures that reduce or eliminate cross-contamination
  • Thirty-three page manual proves that your workers will deliver superior results, cleaner buildings and healthier environments.
  • Gain this competitive advantage and soar above your competitors

You owe it to yourself to always use professional literature.


 Proves to your customer that your

workers are highly trained and professional.

Your staff is superior because they are:


  • Trained in Safety and Fire prevention
  • Able to regulate Building Security, if so requested
  • Skilled in Professional Conduct
  • Schooled and skilled in Cleaning Technology
  • Knowledgeable in Quality Assurance and have made a commitment to Customer Satisfaction

    Show prospects tangible evidence that  your Quality Service is hassle free and superior to any low bid offer.


You will also learn how to use Modules 3, 4 and 5 as powerful marketing tools, demonstrating that your service is superior.

Module #3  Healthy Buildings Thirty-three page manual outlining techniques to help customers improve indoor air quality and aseptic cleaning procedures to reduce cross- contamination and improve sanitary conditions. Includes marketing program that illustrates and highlights customer benefits. 

Module 4 Operations Manual – Eighty-one page worker training manual including: EEO, Work Rules, Harassment Policy, Smoking Policy, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Training Period, Grievances, Disciplinary Policy, Violence Prevention, Absenteeism, Confidentiality, Personal Vehicle Responsibility, Professional Conduct, Security, OSHA, Safety Program, Bloodborne Pathogens, Fire Safety and Equipment/Supply List. 
Includes a complete cleaning procedures training manual with troubleshooting tips to improve quality and productivity.  

Module #5  Management Systems – Twenty-nine page manual to more efficiently run your business including: Contractor Rating Scale, Prospect Follow up, Sales Team Evaluation, Employment Application and Rating, New Hire Screening, Customer Satisfaction Survey, On-the Job Training Guideline, Weekly Schedule, Work Orders, Employee Performance Evaluation, Accounts Receivable, Employee Time Record, Technician Evaluation, Commission Summary, Weekly Payroll, Employment Termination, Exit Interview, Independent Contractors and Year End Tax Planning. Plus - Free Excel Spreadsheets for: Office Maintenance Schedule, Leads Tracking System, Customer Management Tracking, Income Statement, Expense Budget and Profit and Loss Statement. 

Develop a company that practically runs itself 
  • A well managed company is a profitable company.
  • Janitorial Success will provide you with the right tools to fully measure performance, track improvement and propel your firm to the top.

Janitorial Success comes with all five modules.

That’s five books in total.

But this is only the beginning of what you will receive.  RECEIVE ALL THE ABOVE -  Plus Internet link for free Microsoft Access customer work order, invoice tracking and accounts payable database and prospect and customer marketing database tracking program.  
  • The complete Janitorial Success Program is only $89 for the download version (shipping extra).  
  • This exclusive janitorial marketing program helps you expand your business and win more contracts. 
  • It also comes free with the Contractor Start Up Program.

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Order Janitorial Success Manual by FAX or mail in order.

Or, add to your order the ultimate bidding software.
It only takes a few minutes to complete a cleaning
estimate. When finished, print out your completed


Jan Bid accurately calculates bid pricing for office cleaning -  takes the guesswork and agony out of bidding. 

Eliminate these two costly errors.

1. Bumping up your price to cover uncertainty and then losing the bid.
2. Faulty guesswork - bidding too low and losing your shirt. 

Unmatched AccuracyBuilt in adjustments for size of building, density of occupants, building use, cleaning frequency - a total of seven adjustments that pin point precise cleaning times.
Personalized Service You can hand craft each bid to meet the specific needs of each customer. Include windows, carpet and floor care if desired. Jan Bid prices all the extra cleaning tasks for you.
Beat the Low BiddersYou can offer a partial cleaning or a service of empting trash only on selected nights. Jan Bid calculates the price at a higher billing rate to offset reduced service. Beat out the competition by offering three levels of service. For example, you could choose to offer a complete cleaning three nights a week, a partial one night a week and trash only one night a week. You choose the frequency and Jan Bid does all the calculations.Jan Bid allows you to meet the needs of Mr. Tightwad. That customer who thinks he should get everything for free. You can submit a bid for reduced cleaning services by offering a partial cleaning (touch up) or empting of trash only on selected nights. Jan Bid bumps up the price considerably for doing less than a complete cleaning; however the monthly price is substantially reduced. Between you and the customer, that makes it win-win.
Faultless Building SurveysSurvey forms are included to record data during your bid walk through. Record square footage of carpet, tile and rest rooms for calculation of nightly cleaning plus, floor waxing and carpet cleaning estimates. Quick and easy data entry even for a novice.
Fast ResultsJust enter the data from your survey and in just a few minutes view the cleaning times and costs.
Your Complete Bid is ReadyJan Bid helps you complete the Cleaning Specification Chart, your Additional Cleaning Services (for windows, carpets and floors) and then fills in the customer name, address and monthly bid amount in the Cleaning Service Agreement (contract). Print out your bid and it is ready to go.
Proven PerformanceAccuracy of the software was checked against hundreds of janitorial contracts. Developer Gary Clipperton, a 30-year veteran contractor is considered one of the top experts in the janitorial field. 
Flexibility and Adaptability Even though the program provides you with a great deal of information, you are in complete control.  For example, you determine: ·         Travel time to the account     ·      Minimum bid amount for small accounts·      Hourly rate·      Costs for other services offered

·      Seven adjustable Difficulty Levels that ensure accurate cleaning times, because no two buildings clean at the same rate. 

How Does Jan Bid Work? 

An exclusive feature of Jan Bid is that you can instantly adjust the cleaning times for each and every building.  Experienced contractors know that buildings are different, with individual cleaning needs and conditions.  You will have three building survey forms, including a Cleaning Variable rating scale for seven major cleaning variables. When you make your building walk-through, you simply fill out the forms. The scoring system asks for a rating of each item on a scale of either 1-30, 1-10 or 1-3.  The total score for the Cleaning Variable survey is entered into the Jan Bid worksheet.  This automatically adjusts the cleaning times specific for this building. 

Rest room cleaning times are calculated by entering the square footage of the restrooms and number of fixtures such as sinks, mirrors, urinals, commodes and partitions.  Jan Bid asks you to mark a Cleaning Vaiable for for restrooms depending upon the condition and usage.  Each building can be scored depending upon light, medium or heavy cleaning demands.

Again, the survey forms will allow even a novice to pinpoint all the required cleaning activities.  Several hundred buildings have been entered into the software to check the accuracy of the cleaning times.

You can enter the data collected from your building survey in just a couple of minutes.  Instantly view the Jan Bid labor calculations and monthly costs.


Another exclusive feature of Jan Bid is the ability to bid on a nightly complete cleaning or submit a bid for a partial clean and/or trash pick up only.  If a prospect requires a low monthly price, you can submit the cost for partial (spot) cleaning and trash pick up only, in addition to a complete clean.


The partial clean reflects a 25% labor reduction and trash pick up reflects a 50% labor reduction.  So even by reducing your price, you still earn a significant hourly salary for doing less work.  You can choose any frequency your customer desires such as a complete clean twice a week, a partial clean twice a week and a trash only once a week.  Personalize your bid - the software does all the calculations for you.  Submit two or three proposals and let the customer decide.

Jan Bid asks you to enter the travel time to and from the account and then adds an additional hour per month for administrative and paperwork time.  What a great software system.  You can be right on the money every time!  Now you have a definite advantage over your competitors.


The instructions include samples from actual buildings. Software cleaning times were compared with actual labor records to ensure accuracy.  Jan Bid takes the guesswork out of bidding.  No more need to bump up pricing to cover the unknown and then lose the contract.  

Bonus Material:

 ·        Tips on determining your local labor rates·        Calculating mark up and profit·        Discounts for large accounts·        Determining minimum trip charges·        Tips on marketing your proposal·        Tips for determining cost per square foot for strip and wax and carpet cleaning·        30-page instruction manual makes learning easy  

JanBid comes with seven short tutorial videos that show you how to make bids, plus free phone or email support. 
Save money and download the e-version and then make your own backup copy.  Free upgrades!
System Requirements Jan Bid requires that Microsoft Excel © be installed on your computer. If you do not have Microsoft Office, check out a free download of similar software from Open

Janitorial Bidding Software that earns you plenty of new business

Learn how to close more cleaning contracts

Click here to read testimonials on how JanBid has wonderfully and powerfully helped others just like you.

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Land more cleaning contracts

Janitorial Success manual helps grow your cleaning service. 
Developed by Gary Clipperton President, National Pro Clean Corp.

40-year industry veteran, contractor,

author, trainer and consultant.

So here is what you get:
 ·       Janitorial Success Manual with 5 books in one,

      Marketing Plan, Healthy Buildings, Worker Training

      and Personnel Manual, Cleaning Management

      System and Professional Bid Package
·        Internet link for free Microsoft Access invoice and customer management database and prospect contact management database
·        Jan Bid Estimating Software with FREE 90-day tech support and 30-page Instruction Manual

All for $199 with a 30-day money back guarantee

(plus shipping and handling if you also want the hardcopy).

    Order today call (800) 796-4680 

Downloadable version $199

Orders processed by secure PayPal.  Only PayPal will see your credit card number and then you will be returned to our shopping cart for your receipt and free download, if so requested.  PayPal membership is not required.You may also fax, mail or phone your order to us.(800) 796-4680.

A + rating from the Better Business Bureau

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